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The JIG is reviewing the scope, activities and organisation of the Coherence Community and further advice is awaited on the standing up of an Information and Architecture Coherence Forum.  Earlier considerations indicated that the JIG Information and Architecture Coherence Forum would be one of three transversal standing Forums that, along with two functional forums, would collectively make up the JIG Coherence Community. Forums will be self-managing and will seek as far as possible to operate on an informal and virtual basis. While the I&A Forum may arguably have its foundations in the former Information Management WG, the scope (and ways of working) will be quite different; thus, future engagement is encouraged and welcomed from the wider community, notably, but not limited to those with architecting expertise. A key principle of the new JIG Con Ops is that participation in forums is open to all with participation in more than one forum encouraged where an individual's expertise and interests spans multiple areas.  Initial thinking was that the principal purpose of the JIG Information and Architecture Coherence Forum would be to identify opportunities and risks in the areas of architecture and related information disciplines and practices to ensure coherence across the functional forums. The Forum would support the Engagement Team, project teams and ultimately the JIG Board, focusing on and distilling matters that require high-level discussion or which might justify specific project activity; and identifying and provide resource, skills and experience to support JIG-endorsed Engagement Team and project activity.

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