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MOD ISS Services to Industry

MOD provides a range of ICT services to Industry through its Information Systems and Services (ISS) organisation with a range of Industry Engagment.. This area of the UKCeB web site has been set up to help to ensure coherence across service life-cycle phases and service provider contract changes, to reduce business continuity risks and align roadmaps.

It is currently under development to produce an Initial Operating Capability which is sufficiently robust to be capable of continuous self-improvement and to deliver initial benefits from successful engagement of MOD and Industry around MOD-provided ICT services which include: improved requirements, better solutions, reduced business continuity risk, increased productivity, increased end user satisfaction and reduced cost. The work to develop this site is being carried out as part of the ISS Industry Customer - Improved Engagement Project under the sponsorship of the Joint Information Group (JIG) that reports to the Defence Suppliers Forum.

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