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Global Urban Air Summit - 3rd & 4th September 2019

2019 sees Farnborough International launch their first Global Urban Air Summit (GUAS).  The GUAS will be an elite gathering of innovators, regulators, government and investors who will address the global challenges in Urban Air Mobility (UAM), showcase the latest innovations and truly shape the future of air travel.  Over two days of networking, knowledge sharing and demonstrating, the international community at GUAS will drive the industry forward and play a key strategic role in the development of urban air transportation.

Taking place on 3 and 4 September, the Global Urban Air Summit is the first time international representatives from across the sector – passenger, military, cargo and medical – will meet investors and regulators to determine how this monumental transport shift is to take place.

Representatives from regulatory bodies and NATS are to join a world-class line-up of speakers and highly innovative exhibitors to explore the opportunities and challenges facing this fast-growing industry.

Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farnborough International, says: “This preeminent Summit is pivotal for the future of air travel and we look forward to becoming a bookmark in the industry’s calendar. It is the first time global industry and regulators will meet on such a major scale and there can be no more appropriate a location to determine this future than Farnborough – the home of powered flight.

“The extent to which this modal shift will change everyday life cannot be underestimated. We are delighted to bring our experience in delivering global events to attract the world’s leading innovators to Farnborough and look forward to.”

Urban Air Mobility represents one of the biggest changes in air transport for a generation. This Summit is a strategic opportunity for the right representatives to engage early and ensure this highly innovative sector develops so that is can be operated successfully.

Team Defence Information are partnered with Farnborough International and the Farnborough International News Network (FINN) to help deliver the event and provide a unqiue Team Defence view on the common challenges for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operators and Defence logisticians. 

Further details can be found on the GUAS page


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