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Defence Information 2020: 'Defence-led Transformation' 1 & 2 April

Contact Caroline at Cranfield to make enquiries about booking Exhibition Stands and becoming a DI'20 Event Sponsor. Details of packages, including prices, are on the website of our event partner Cranfield University SymposiaDelegates can book places here.


Our joint MOD/Industry annual Defence Information Event (DI20) is on 1st and 2nd April at the GWR STEAM Conferencing, Swindon. Attracting some 350 delegates, DI20 combines senior-level and subject-expert speakers, a selection of workshops, panel sessions, great exhibitor stands, a showcase for Good Practice, TD-Info Annual Awards for Collaboration and Innovation, our DI20 dinner at STEAM and plenty of excellent learning and networking opportunities throughout.

Our theme relates to the significant transformational activity being undertaken by the MOD.  Keynote Di20 speaker MOD CIO Charlie Forte said , “We acknowledge that there is a huge amount of transformation taking place, not just in D&IT but across the whole of Defence."  (ISS journal ISSue 12, July 2019)

He went on to explain the three basic aims across these transformation programmes are to: Mobilise, Modernise and Transform and that  transformation is about providing Pan-Defence Capability, "to which D&IT Transformation is a key enabler as some of the MOD projects "unlock the ability for other functions to realise their own transformational ambitions. Read ISSue article in full here." Also, see MOD Report: Mobilising, Modernising & Transforming Defence: Modernising Defence Programme.

Industry's contributions are integral to delivery of MOD transformation; hence our DI20 Event will provide a valuable opportunity for MOD and Industry to come together as a collaborative 'Team Defence' community to hear the latest thinking on information-led transformation through keynote presentations from senior leaders and subject experts, interactive workshops and panel sessions. This will include insights into the latest developments in defence’s transformation programme and topics at the forefront of enabling ICT.

Our MOD/Industry DI20 planning team are finalising the 2-day programme. 

Confirmed speakers to date include:

  • Charlie Forte, MOD Keynote CIO – Leading the Defence Digital & IT Transformation
  • Jon Hall, Managing Director Technology, Babcock Internationa
  • Brig Sara Sharkey, MOD ISS Head Application Services and Dev Ops - MOD Cloud and Defence Agile Software House
  • Joint Information Group (JIG) Keynote - Partnering with Industry for Joint Success by JIG Co-Chairs: Andy Burch, Babcock International Group & Air Cdre David Rowland, Head of Strategy, MOD ISS
  • Jon Cole, MOD Army Chief Information Officer
  • Dave Clark, Managing Director, Atkins Aerospace and Defence
  • Luigi Sidoli Customer Solutions Manager, BAE Systems Maritime Services: Digitally Enabled Carrier Strike
  • Maj Gen Tom Copinger-Symes, MOD CIO - Director Mil Digitisation
  • Dr Dom Davies, Dstl Strategy, Portfolio and Capability Division and lead for Knowledge Management
  • Dr David Hawken, Dep Head Strategy, MOD ISS – Panel Chair JIG-V - Engaging Emerging Talent

Q & A Panel following Keynote sessions hosted by Karl Dixon, Atkins (Day 1) and Fergus Hawkins, Boeing Defence UK (Day 2). Also, Dr David Hawken, Deputy Head Strategy, MOD ISS will chair the panel session for the JIG-V - Engaging Emerging Talent (Day 1)

Workshop topics and leads include:

  • Machine Learning – Danny Wooton, MOD Data Digital Automation Lead MOD Defence Digital
  • Artificial Intelligence – Ben Parish Head of Innovation
    MOD Defence Digital
  • Promoting a Circular Economy in ICTGrant Morley Sustainable ICT Lead MOD Defence Digital 
  • MOD Cloud - Clint Chambers Deputy Head – Services
    MOD Defence Digital
  • Skype for Business – The need for external collaboration, Richard Skedd BAE Systems and Sean Conway TD-Info
  • Skills - Ross Harris, Cranfield University with the Information Warfare Group, Defence Academy of the UK
  • Boardroom Debate - Gary Smith, Salesforce 
  • Boardroom Debate - Ian Bryant, Asst Hd Policy & Oversight Directorate of Cyber Defence & Risk MOD Supply Chain Security 


The venue is the conference facilities at STEAM, housed in the historic buildings of the Great Western Railway in Swindon, now a museum.  Approximately 350 people attend with a strong mix of MOD and Industry.

The annual DI Event attracts a wealth of exhibitors who are open to demonstrating and discussing capabilities, case studies and the ‘art of the possible’. Workshops enable more in-depth, interactive engagement whilst keynotes provide an opportunity for announcements, briefings and exploration of strategy, people, process and technology matters.

A Good Practice Market Place showcases the collaborative work of finalists for the TD-Info Excellence Award 2020 and there is a separate TD-Info Award for Innovation, both judged during the event and presented on Day 2.  There is ample scope for ‘quality networking’, including the formal Event dinner (optional) held within the STEAM museum and amidst the trains! 

To understand more on what this annual event has to offer, please click to review the content from DI’19 as well as other Defence Information Events from previous years


MOD Transformations and related topics include:


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Attracting some 350 delegates, Defence Information 2020 (DI20) brings together MOD and Industry partners – the latter both as suppliers of ICT products/services and as materiel providers who are users of the same ICT. DI20 provides a highly informative and productive 2-day forum that annually enables ‘Team Defence’ to exchange timely insights, plans and perspectives that assist joint delivery of optimised and aligned ‘force multiplier’ capabilities across the defence enterprise.

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Slide Pack in pdf format about Team Defence Information. It includes: Members, structure, reporting & operating model; What we do; values; staff members; Joint Information Group (JIG) – ICEF, Trading Forum; Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG) – Activities & Working Groups; New Green Box construct and activities; Defence Support Network Transformation- DSN(T); Skills Collaboration, Learning & Development; Events, Conferences, Seminars, Good Practice Awards,Innovation Awards and more... If you need a PowerPoint format, please email with your request and we will try to assist

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This short document sets out to explain what TD-Info does, who participates, its approach and how it operates, why it's needed, the 'value-add' it provides and what makes it unique

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About TD-info  MOD Defence Digital (formerly ISS)  MOD: the UK Ministry of Defence 


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A template letter providing the case for staff to particpate in the Defence Information 2020 event on behalf of their organisations

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