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DISCOG Core Team

Why follow this Group:  The DISCOG Core Team, (DISCOG CT), is a joint MOD and Industry portfolio management group. It is the mechanism by which Industry will interface with MoD Modernisation of Defence Programme under the leadership of the DISCO Strategy Board. The DCT provides direction and governance of a number of subject matter expert working groups covering a range of elements of Defence Support.


Mission:  Deciding the tactical priorities with the aim of providing more effective, agile and affordable support to Defence capabilities by working together as Team Defence. Seeking improvement opportunities with current Support operations and innovative future Support solutions for UK Defence.


Membership:   The DISCOG CT is a closed group with membership by invitation.


Meeting Rhythm:   The DISCOG CT holds a Telecon meeting on the first Friday and a Face to Face meeting on the 3rd Friday of the month.


Point Of Contact:   Leyton Lark

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