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SupportNET 2021 - Delivering Support Advantage - 18 May 2021

Team Defence Information is pleased to support the MOD in hosting SupportNET 21.

The theme for this years event is 'Delivering Support Advantage’.

This virtual online event will provide the platform and opportunity for Senior speakers from Defence Equipment and Support, Front Line commands, industry and academia to present andoutline how the five strategic outcomes and support advantage will be delivered; in response to CDLS higher level Intent that flows from the Defence Support Strategy (DefSp Strategy) Strategic Outcomes:

1. A capable & resilient Defence Support Enterprise.
2. Enhanced decision making across the Defence Support Enterprise.
3. Effective delivery of Defence Support, integrated and secured across the Military-Industrial complex.
4. A step change in Support Force Development and experimentation.
5. Defence Support people enable future performance.

CDLS launched the DefSp Strategy last year which provides the vision for the future of Support and sets out the ways and means to affect the magnitude of change required. Central to the achievement of the five Strategic Outcomes is an unrelenting focus on a unifying performance ambition that seeks a paradigm shift in platform availability and the development of superior, assured, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective logistic services. Logistics, engineering and equipment Support lie at the heart of ensuring Defence has the forces and equipment it needs to confront the threats we face. That is, ready when and where we need them, fully fit, armed, provisioned, and deployed at a speed of relevance – we call this Support Advantage.

SupportNET 21 is in the planning phase, this combined with the extent and duration of latest lockdown measures are causing a reassessment of the format of the event, however it is the intent (restrictions allowing) to utilise a VR/Studio facility with a small physical presence that will be streamed as a live Virtual event. 

It promises to be an informative and insightful day outlining the high level roadmap to how the DefSp Strategy will be delivered and we look forward to your attendance.

Details of the programme and how to register will be available shortly.  For further information please contact Kevin Atkins.

**LogNET has been rebranded as SupportNET**

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