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Combined Technical Documentation Working Group

The Combined Technical Documentation Working Group (CTDWG) provides a Community of Practice (CoP) to support the MOD’s strategy for technical documentation support solutions and the development of supporting pan-MOD Technical Documentation Policy and Advice and Guidance. The group will provide a business focus on the strategic requirements to enable the delivery of coherent technical documentation solutions, supported by sub groups to focus on specific technical advice and research, specifications and standards.


The group will focus on the following objectives to support the Defence and Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG) objective of providing and exposing joint policy in order that contracts can be let and managed in the most efficient way:

  • Support the development of pan-MOD TD policy and supporting advice and guidance
  • Identify and work together to fill gaps in policy, advice and guidance
  • Inform impact of MOD policy on industry to ensure MOD strategies are coherent with capabilities that can be provided by Industry
  • Align working practices between MOD and Industry to exploit good TD practice and industry innovation
  • To promote the use of industry standards and common approaches
  • Establish links with other groups/agencies to maximise LFE to support MOD development.
  • Identify tasking and provide guidance to subordinate working groups.

To join this group please contact the Team Defence Informaton Lead for this Working Group - click on Diary Dates and Additional Information link to find who are the current contacts.

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