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Previous Support Chain Seminars: SCS14 - SCS19

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We are preparing for the SCS20 event and welcome inputs from any organisation (members and non-member companies) interest in being an exhibitor &/or sponsor for this Event. Please email TD-Info

The theme for SCS20 is 'Digital Support in Defence'. Two days covers:

Day 1: Optimisation in the Near-term

Day 2: Innovation Transformation for the Future

SCS20 is jointly curated and presented by MOD/Industry. It will enable MOD to update from the LOGNET Event (mid-March) that was supported by TD-Info.

More information on SCS20 to follow.

Lead Sponsor: Fujitsu

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Membership Benefits with Team Defence Public PA  Expand

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By joining Team Defence Information (TD-Info), you are part of a unique organisation, a trusted forum where Industry and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) work together to accelerate adoption of secure information sharing capabilities and practices across the Team Defence Supply Chain and Support Network. Members have a common interest in value-enhancing solutions for Secure Collaboration - ‘End-to-End & Through-Life’. As our tagline states, we are about “collaborating and optimizing the value from business information working across Team Defence”. TD-Info reports to the Defence Suppliers Forum.

Download to learn more about the benefits of being part of Team Defence Information whatever your size of organisation.

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About TD-info  Guide &/or FAQ document  Team Defence 


Car Parking & Directions to STEAM Conferencing, Swindon (for SCS and Defence Information Events) Public P  Expand

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Download map and directions to the STEAM Conferencing facilities at the STEAM Museum, Swindon. The Support Chain Seminar (e.g. SCS19) and the Defence Information Events are held there.

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DI: Defence Information Event  SCS - Support Chain Seminar 


Support Chain Seminar SCS18 on a page - v09 Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 22 Oct 2018 11:11  Download

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A PowerPoint with the essential information about Support Chain Seminar 2018 on a single screen page.

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DISCOG - Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group  Event  SCS - Support Chain Seminar  SCS18 - Support Chain Seminar 2018  Support & Support Chain 


Support Chain Seminar 2018 Flyer v1_3 Public P  Expand

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Modernising Defence Support is the theme for the Joint MOD/Industry Support Chain Seminar 2018 on 18th October. It's being held at the BAWA Centre, Bristol BS34 7RF.

SCS18 provides a timely event, especially given that the Defence Support Network - Transformation [DSN(T)] programme heralds a whole set of new approaches for Team Defence.

We are pleased to announce Fujitsu are SCS18 lead sponsors as well as exhibitors.

Other organisations who are exhibiting include: the Ministry of Defence, Boxarr, BMT Defence Services, ATKINS Member of the SNC Lavalin Group, Camcode, TFD-Group, Kahootz, Rina & TVS Supply Chain Solutions

Key Words

DSN(T) - Defence Support Network Transformation  DSOM - Defence Support Operating Model  Event  JIG - Joint Information Group  Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  SCS - Support Chain Seminar  SCS18 - Support Chain Seminar 2018  Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI)  Support & Support Chain 


Support Chain Seminar 17_Harnessing potential of cyber_physical_Jan Godsell_comp Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 5 Dec 2017 12:41  Download

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Jan Godsell is Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Strategy. Her presentation on "Harnessing the potential of the cyber-physical age" covered inter-connected trends…, Industrie 4.0, Circular Economy, Omni-channel, Market Mediation and Consumption driven SC. She also has an end slide about keeping in touch:


Jan Godsell is a Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG, University of Warwick. Her work focuses on developing sustainable business models through the alignment of product, marketing and supply chain strategy. Jan’s work considers the way that supply chain strategy needs to adapt to support the differing business priorities at different stages in the product lifecycle. She leads the Supply Chain Research Group and the Supply Chains in Practice (SCIP) industrial collaborator forum.

Jan has more than two decades of combined industry experience in product development, innovation, supply chain strategy, and process improvement working for ICI, Astra Zeneca and Dyson. She is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Manufacturing Industries Division board for the Institution of Mechanical Engineer anda member of the European Operations Management (EurOMA) Board. Jan is also part of the manufacturing advisory group for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). She is on the editorial board of three major operations and supply chain journals.

Key Words

Academia  Industry 4.0  Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  Supply Chain  Support & Support Chain  Ways of Working 


Support Chain Seminar 17_Kevin O'Reilly_JAMES Implementation Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2017 09:44  Download

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Presentation is on the Joint Asset Management Engineering System (JAMES). Includes: Brief background on JAMES; Discuss the impact of wider change on the programme ; Some recent examples of improvement areas – Technology – User experience – Information sharing; Conclusions


Kevin O'Reilly, Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin Kevin manages business development for sustainment and support systems and services on behalf of Lockheed Martin, Rotary and Mission Systems in the UK. Sustainment activities include support of Lockheed Martin platforms as well the engineering, optimisation and asset management systems needed to manage a diverse range of complex defence equipment for the MOD. Kevin has worked in the ICT industry for over 30 years working on secure mission critical programmes across globe. He has performed customer and supplier roles across a number of sectors, including: telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, finance, government and defence. Kevin is acutely aware of the pressures facing users and brings extensive practical experience in the design, management and operation of innovative sustainment systems and services in use by some of the world’s most demanding users who rely upon optimal system performance 24/7.

Key Words

Data Classification  Data Governance  Data Management  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  Support & Support Chain 


Support Chain Seminar 17_Chris Williams-Lilley The 4th Industrial Revolution Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2017 13:04  Download

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Presentation from Chris Williams-Lilley of at the annual joint MOD/Industry Support Chain Seminar, Oct 2017, was titled, The 4th Industrial Revolution


Chris Williams-Lilley, Managing Director, Principal Consultant, Leadership Champions (UK) Ltd Chris Williams-Lilley is one of those rare individuals who can say he is a consultant, change agent and performance coach and mean it. His consulting business, Leadership Champions (UK), has attracted clients such as Network Rail, Transport for London, MAG Group Airports, and over 30+ other leading prime contracting organizations since starting the business in 2011. He serves on Network Rail’s National Commercial Directors Forum (CDF), as well as being a founder member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Infrastructure Steering Group.

His speaking typically includes five keynotes a year at major conferences, and he has been delivering motivational speeches on strategy execution for European suppliers working in regulated industries for over ten years. Most recently, producing a conference on High Reliability Organisation Principles hosted at ExCel (London) for the construction sector. Having a background in Quality Assurance, Sales and Operations helps!

Chris recently interviewed Sir John Egan on the legacy effect of ‘Constructing Excellence,' which resulted in the ‘reshaping’ of a communications strategy across RICS, ICE and the IET. Presidents of each institution are now implementing a truly aligned strategy to accelerated learning and development opportunities for many 1,000’s of members. I cannot say hand on heart Champions were the catalyst for change, but the gauntlet was picked up by key fellows (including, Stephen Blakey FRICS, CDF Chair, Commercial Project Director, Network Rail IP).

The real challenge is to sustain change…

Key Words

Digital Revolution  Digital Twin  Digitalisation  Futures  Industry 4.0  Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  SCS - Support Chain Seminar  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI) 


Support Chain Seminar 17_Ian Cowper_ Capt Bolton_Innovative Through-Life Support Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2017 11:50  Download

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Presentation from Capt Matt Bolton, Royal Navy - Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (Engineering Support) & Ian Cowper , Babcock Head of Warships Platform Engineering & Chief Engineer at the annual joint MOD/Industry Support Chain Seminar, Oct 2017, was titled,Innovative Through Life Support. A sub-heading of 'MARITIME SUPPORT INFORMATION EXPLOITATION - “Enabling, Equipping and Empowering the Support Enterprise through Digital Transformation” captured the spririt of this joint presentation. This links to a report on the Maritime Support Information Exploitation (MASIX) on this website titled Maritime Support Innovation eXploitation (MarSIX) Strategy_Paper_5 Oct 2017


Matthew Bolton, Head of Engineering Support DACOS

Ministry of Defence Matt Bolton joined the Royal Navy in 1981 as an Artificer and is an alumni of the Royal Naval Engineering College and University College London. He served at sea in Leander class, Type 21 and Type 22 Frigates and T42 Destroyers and ashore in Training and Acquisition roles before promotion to Commander in 2008. During Matt’s second stage career he has been the Diesel Engine Group Leader in Defence Equipment & Support; Head of Fleet Time Engineering in Portsmouth Naval Base; Head of the Surface Ship Operating Safety Group in Navy Command HQ and Staff Marine Engineer Officer to Commander Portsmouth Flotilla.

On promotion to Captain, Matt was appointed back to Navy Command HQ in June 2016 as Deputy Chief of Staff Engineering Support. His portfolio now spans engineering strategy, doctrine and policy; future support solutions, innovation and information exploitation through to engineering branch leadership, development and capability improvement. He is the FARADAY Programme Director, working to up-skill the Royal Navy’s engineering technicians, and he co-chairs the UKNEST People Programme. A Chartered Engineer, Matt is particularly active with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology as a member of the Board of Trustees and Council; creator of the Engine as a Weapon Symposium series and Chairman of the International Naval Engineering Conference. He is also Chairman of Warsash sea cadet unit, TS TORMENTOR.


Ian Cowper, Head of Warships Platform Engineering

Babcock Ian Cowper is the Warships Head of Engineering and Chief Engineer at Babcock International and responsible for the delivery of engineering capability, technical innovation and Through Life support strategy in support of the UK and International programmes. He is also the functional head of Babcock’s Warship Technical Authority. Previously he has held a number of high profile Policy, Training, Support, Engineering and Acquisition roles having served over 34 years in the Royal Navy. Ian is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Marine Engineer, Fellow of the IMarEST and a Senior Programme and Project Manager

Key Words

Maritime or Navy  Risk  SCS - Support Chain Seminar  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  Support & Support Chain 


Support Chain Seminar 17__Steve Glass_Enabling Support Transformation Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2017 11:17  Download

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Slides presented by Steve Glass OBE

Director Support Enablers, MOD, titled 'Enabling Support Transformation' includes how the Support Enablers Operating Centre (SEOC) enables improvement; Innovation and evolution; Dynamic analytics to optimise support decision-making; and, a So what?


Steve Glass. MOD Director Support Enabling Operating Centre and co-Chair DISCOG Strategy Board, Ministry of Defence Steve has recently been appointed as interim Director Support Enablers, immediately prior to this he was the Head of Support Chain Information Systems, responsible for leading the sustainment and new development of Defence Logistic and Engineering Support applications pan-Defence. This includes the management of a long term partnering contract with Boeing Defence UK and the JAMES contract with Lockheed Martin.

Steve spent 2 years as Head of Cryptography and Defensive Cyber capabilities in Joint Forces Command (JFC) / Information Support Systems at Corsham. For the previous 5 years Steve led a team directly supporting counter-Improvised Explosive Device bomb disposal and other specialist capabilities primarily for UK and Afghanistan operations.

In his earlier career, Steve worked across all military domains, programme managing the delivery of complex technical military capability ranging from work on the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent, avionics, armoured vehicles and military communications.

Steve graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Sheffield, and several years later from University College London with a MSc in system’s engineering. Latterly, Steve focussed on project and programme management, and is a member and registered project professional of the Association for Project Management.

Key Words

Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  Risk  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  SEOC: Support Enablers Operating Centre  Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI)  Support & Support Chain 


Support Chain Seminar 17_Heather Goldstraw_DE&S Innovation Strategy Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2017 10:41  Download

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Presentation from Heather Goldstraw (DE&S Technology Office Head) at the annual joint MOD/Industry Support Chain Seminar, Oct 2017, was titled, "The DE&S Innovation Strategy - Inspiring an Innovative Procurement System?". Content includes: that Innovation is really all about Change & the Case for Change; the path to innovation comprising technology, business & enterprise readiness; the D&S Innovation Strategy aims to: help customers to shape and de-risk requirements that optimise pan-domain coherence, through life; to anticipate change through life and plan for flexibility; to identify and manage cross-cutting technical opportunities and threats; to look for innovative ideas from any source, build enablers & tackle barriers; and, to value & support innovation and responsible risk-taking


Heather Goldstraw, Head of Technology Office, Defence Equipment & Support, DE&S, Ministry of Defence Graduating in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, Heather joined the MOD on the Science & Engineering Fast Stream in 1992 which has shaped a career spanning policy, business strategy and acquisition covering a range of technical disciplines including electronics, infrastructure, communications and ISR, meteorology and weapons, and seen her achieve external qualifications in accountancy and P3M.

Since 2008 she has worked in DE&S focusing on improving the overall “Technical Enterprise”, initially within the Weapons sector and now, as Head of the Technology Office, across wider Defence. Within DE&S she manages relationships across all the delivery Domains as well as directly supporting the needs of customers in each of the FLCs as well as Head Office and Dstl. Through her current delivery portfolio, and through the subsidiary Niteworks organsiation, she works primarily on the R&D interface, bringing together Users, S&T communites, Industry, Regulators and DE&S Delivery teams to improve the coherence of investment and eliminate barriers to the exploitation of great technologies to realise real innovation benefits.

Prior to returning to DE&S, she spent 5 years in the Met Office (then an MOD Trading Fund) leading the Corporate Strategy, Performance Management, Risk and Internal Audit teams. Here she built valuable Board level experience working to both the Chief Executive and Chairman and delivering a number of significant change and commericalisation programmes.

Key Words

Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  SEOC: Support Enablers Operating Centre  Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI) 


Support Chain Seminar 17_Delivering DSNT_Gp Capt Andy Curtis Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2017 10:22  Download

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Presentation from Gp Capt Andy Curtis at the annual joint MOD/Industry Support Chain Seminar includes: The Defence Logistics Vision; DSN(T) Concept Phase; DSN(T) Delivery Phase Strategy and Key Take-Aways


Group Captain Andy Curtis, DSN(T) Programme Lead

Ministry of Defence, OBE MA CMgr FCMI RAF

Group Captain Curtis was commissioned into the Supply Branch of the Royal Air Force in February 1985.As a junior officer, he held unit logistics appointments at RAF Coltishall, RAF Gütersloh, RAF Halton and RAF Leuchars, and a staff appointment in HQ Strike Command.He served in the Joint HQ during Operation GRANBY, the first Gulf war, in 1990/91 and, in 1995, he deployed to Croatia, where he worked as both an air movements staff officer in the UN Movements Control Centre, and as a logistics planning officer for the NATO Stabilisation Force.

On return to the UK, he joined the newly-formed Merlin Support Authority within the Defence Helicopter Support Authority (DHSA) at Yeovilton.Promoted in post to squadron leader, in 1996, he remained at the DHSA until 1999 when he was posted to RAF Wittering to command the Supply Sqn.From RAF Wittering, he served as a logistic staff officer in HQ British Forces Falkland Islands before deploying to Oman as the movements staff officer in the UK National Support Element HQ supporting post-9/11 operations in Afghanistan (Operation VERITAS / ORACLE).

He was promoted to wing commander in 2002 and became the logistics manager in the Hercules Integrated Project Team at RAF Wyton.He was selected to attend the Advanced Command and Staff Course in 2003.In 2005 he was posted to the Permanent Joint HQ as the first Chief of Staff for the Standing Joint Force Logistic Component HQ.From December 2005 until July 2006, he deployed to Afghanistan as the Chief of Staff of the UK National Support Command for Op HERRICK.Afterwards, he returned to RAF Wittering to assume command of 85 (Expeditionary Logistics) Wg.In 2007, he was appointed as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Following command, he undertook a short tour in the Ministry of Defence Main Building as a strategic logistics planner for the Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Logistic Operations) before being promoted to group captain in 2009 and posted to the Joint Force HQ as Deputy Chief of Staff.During this tour, he commanded UK Force Elements deployed to Haiti, following the earthquake of 2010 (Op PANLAKE), and served as the Chief of Staff of the Joint Task Force HQ in Malta that conducted the Libya Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation in 2011 (Op DEFERENCE).

He served a second operational tour in Afghanistan, from August 2011 to January 2012, as Deputy Commander (Support) within the NATO HQ at Kandahar Airfield.Thereafter, he returned to Main Building in the role of Assistant Head Defence Logistic Capability.In January 2014, he attended Higher Command and Staff Course, after which he was employed as the Deputy Head Operations & Compliance within the Defence Equipment & Support’s Support Enablers Operating Centre.He assumed his current role as Programme Lead for the Defence Support Network Transformation Programme in June 2017.

Group Captain Curtis began studying part-time for a PhD at King’s College London in September 2015.His research is focused on the translation of strategic direction into military capability.

Key Words

DSN(T) - Defence Support Network Transformation  Futures  Risk  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  Transformation 


Support Chain Seminar 17 Flyer_v3.5 Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2017 10:36  Download

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The joint MOD/Industry Support Chain Seminar 2017 takes places on 19th October at the BAWA Centre, Bristol. The theme is Innovation & Defence Support - Balancing the Risk. This annual one-day event, highly valued by both MOD and Industry and organised through Team Defence Information, provides a first-hand opportunity to gain and share insights on this vital theme. It you neglect innovation and just maintain the status quo, you risk threatening operational effectiveness as 'the other guys' leap ahead and out-manoeuvre you. With thought-leader speakers, panel sessions, extensive trade stands and first-rate networking, SCS17 is a must-attend event. Use the day at SCS17 to take stock and benchmark the risks and rewards of practising innovation in Defence Support.

Key Words

Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  Risk  SCS17 - Support Chain Seminar 2017  Support & Support Chain  Ways of Working 


MOD DE&S Innovation_Strategy_ 29 March 2017 Public P  Expand

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2017 16:29  Download

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This document was downloaded from on 30 March 2017. Heather Goldstraw referenced the DE&S Innovation Strategy in her presentation at the Support Chain Seminar Event 2017 - click on appropriate link below.

Key Words

DE&S: Defence Equipment & Support  Futures  Guide &/or FAQ document  MOD: the UK Ministry of Defence  Research, Technology & Innovation (RTI)  Strategy 


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