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Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) with MOD Defence Digital

The MOD Defence Digital Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) brings together individuals from Industry partners who have day-to-day responsibility for purchasing and managing the use of MOD information services within their organisations with representatives from the MOD Defence Digital (formerly Information Systems & Services) Customer Management team responsible for 'Indirect' (i.e. non-MOD) Customers.

The ICEF provides an engagement point over service changes and the resolution of issues. Briefings to this group regarding the MOD DD programme, ideally at the requirement stage when projects are still within the “Design Pillar”, enables alignment, provides Industry input into MOD decision making and avoids cost. Industry members of the ICEF are also able to make suggestions for new services which would be of value to Team Defence. 

The ICEF is open to both industry customers and interested technology providers. ICEF administration is provided by a combination of MOD DD Customer Management and TD-Info. ICEF activities produce a set of MOD DD Industry Guides / FAQs that are regularly edited and updated.  These FAQs are copies of sections of a DD Industry Guides Wiki that is maintained by MOD Customer Services and is on the MOD MODNET site, accessible by MOD staff but not directly by Industry.

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