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As part of this Community of Interest, TD-Info has established a programme of Simplified Technical English Training Courses. This training is mandatory for engineers responsible for the preparation of company technical publications. Team Defence Information hosts 3 day courses at its offices north of Bristol but, equally, these can be delivered at company premises by arrangement. This is an essential training course for those preparing company technical publications. TD-Info has also developed 2 x 1 day courses... a STE Taster Day and also a Train the STE Trainer Day. For more information on these and the 3 day standard STE Training Course, please contact Maria.

Team Defence Information (TD-Info) has appointed Maria MacDonald as its STE specialist. Maria is a linguist with a Modern Languages degree and an Interpreter's Certificate. She has almost 30 years’ experience as a business linguist with particular experience in technical translation and STE training for the aerospace sector.

Rate per delegate for a 3-day Course at TD-Info - £690.00 (excluding VAT at 20%)
This includes tuition, STE Course materials, a Dictionary and refreshments

For more information and booking, please contact Sue Russell, Deputy TD-Info Lead.

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Booking form for the three day STE Training Course.

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The benefits of using STE include reducing risk, increasing efficiency and saving time and costs. Using Simplified Technical English (STE) means that documents such as user and technical manuals, service check-lists, emails relating to technical and legal information and the like are unambiguous and geared for international usage. This improves safety and increases user and customer satisfaction. There is more ‘right-first-time’ actions because instructions are clear and unambiguous when expressed using STE.

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Specification ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (STE) is an international specification for the preparation of maintenance documentation in a controlled language. ASD-STE100 has a European Community Trademark and is copyright and is owned by ASD, Brussels, Belgium. It is a set of Writing Rules and a Dictionary of controlled vocabulary. The words in the dictionary were chosen for their simplicity and ease of recognition. When there are several words in English for a certain thing or action (synonyms), ASD-STE100 gives one of these synonyms to the exclusion of the others (whenever possible, “one word – one meaning”). Specification ASD STE-100 is maintained by the Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group (STEMG)-

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Why it’s crucial to use Simplified Technical English for technical documentation. Maria MacDonald explains why it pays to choose your words carefully when creating product and

maintenance documentation. A qualified linguist with over 30 years’ experience in technical

translation and over a decade as a trainer of technical authors and engineers in Simplified Technical English (STE), Maria is the UK’s National Coordinator for STE and a member of the STE Maintenance Group for the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD). She provides public courses in STE which are hosted at the UKCeB premises and can tailor on-site courses too. Details via UKCeB website.

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