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TD-Info Excellence Award & Good Practice Market Place at the annual Defence Information Event

Download the Entry Form from the link below.

The TD-Info Excellence Award and Good Practice Market Place - held at the annual Defence Information Event - recognises, celebrates and shares successful collaboration practices in Team Defence.

It is keenly supported by both MOD and Industry, who recognise the value of learning from joint endeavours involving companies of all sizes - from Defence primes to the smallest micro-businesses.

DEADLINE for submission of your Entry Form: 31 January 2020 

All finalists win 2 attendee places and an Exhibition Stand to showcase their entries in the TD-Info Good Practice Market Place at Defence Information 2020 Event, 1 & 2 April

Judging is during the DI20 Event Presentations on Day 2 of this premier
annual MOD/Industry Event.

The Team Defence Information (TD-Info) Good Practice Market Place at this Event (1 & 2 April 2020) provides an unrivalled opportunity for MOD/Industry to showcase and share bright ideas and collaborative ways of working amongst suppliers, customers and Defence users. It celebrates innovative Team Defence activities and is keenly supported by the MOD who, along with Industry, recognise the value of learning from innovative joint endeavours involving companies of all sizes - from Defence primes to the smallest micro-businesses.

The TD-Info Excellence Award competition is open to MOD and industry teams (including hybrids of both) or individual entrants within a broad scope of 'demonstrating improvements - or potential improvements - to collaboration across defence'.

The scope is deliberately wide with the following areas offered for indicative guidance: business improvement and transformation; secure information sharing; human factors; valuing information as an asset; support chain management; and, enabling business agility. In other words, the Good Practice Market Place is an ideas forum where finalists share project experiences and good practices with conference delegates and peers. Entries showcasing how technology, people and processes strands interplay are particularly welcomed.

Benefits of participation in the TD-Info Excellence Award & Good Practice Market Place:

  • Peer/industry recognition for innovation and good practices
  • Good publicity including featuring on DI20 App & use of Awards in branding
  • Free stand in the Good Practice Market Place + 2 free DI20 attendee places at this premier annual conference attracting c350 attendees from both MOD & Industry
  • Networking and shared learning opportunities at DI20 Event
  • Diverse, constructive feedback from a wider defence audience

Judging Criteria

The criteria for judging submissions to the TD-Info 2020 Excellence Awards are:

  • Degree of collaboration involved • Potential for application in other areas
  • Impact of work
  • Ease of implementation
  • Innovative approach
  • Originality

Entries must be factual and informative and, ideally, should cite case studies. Entries must not include material that assessors deem to be more appropriate as marketing and press release content. Should the latter occur, the assessors will invite entrants (in a given time limit) to revise their submission in this regard.

If you have any questions, please email

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Download and complete this form for the TD-Info Excellence Awards. This document also includes guidance on the scope of entries and the deadline (28 Feb 2020)

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DI19: Results of TD-Info 2019 Excellence Awards Public P  Expand

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The results for the 2019 Excellence Awards

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