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Profile for Phil Williams

Managing Director
Team Defence Information

Phil Williams









6A Pinkers Court
Briarlands Office Park
BS35 3QH
United Kingdom

About Phil

Phil joined Team Defence Information (TD-Info) – the membership organisation formerly titled ‘UKCeB’ - as its Managing Director in June 2015. Having spent 20 years serving as an Aerosystems Engineering Officer in the Royal Air Force, and the last decade in various business development roles within aerospace and defence companies, Phil is aware that optimised delivery of operational capability requires successful collaboration between military, civil service and industry; the basis of the Whole Force concept or “Team Defence”.
Phil recognises these are times of accelerated change in defence, where “at pace” reverberates around the whole supply chain and support network. He is keen to see TD-Info at the centre of coherence work in Team Defence - and the organisation-of-choice that facilitates Industry and MOD working together in a trusted forum, developing and implementing common solutions to enable secure collaboration through-life.
Additionally, the MD’s role at TD-Info brings with it the Chairmanship of the Product Support & Specifications Group, the PSSG, part of the European Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Securities Industry Group (ASD). The PSSG plays its part as it promotes understanding and enables the development, deployment and management of standards for the support of service activities and new services concepts. This activity enhances the competitiveness of the European aerospace and defence services business through the optimisation of existing models as well as the promotion of future developments.

2019 is a particularly important year for the UK in the standard’s world as from October 14th-17th, London will host 300 participants from around the globe to discuss standard’s development and implementation in the through-life support environment; under the theme, “Shaping common standards for efficient and innovative product support”. This is a marvelous opportunity to demonstrate that the UK is “Open for Business”!